Medical and Dental Care

701 17th Ave West – Bradenton, FL  34205

Tel:  (941) 567-6156 – Fax:  (941) 761-5383

Hours of operation:  Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Medical Care

Living outdoors in Florida exposes you to many unique medical problems.  Allergies, insect bites, chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes are all exacerbated by the environment you may be forced to stay in.  The One Stop Clinic medical services offered by Turning Points are available to help you with basic primary care concerns that you may have.  Supervising physicians from Lake Erie College of Medicine (LECOM) work with fourth year medical students to provide you with high quality medical care at our clinic.  To be eligible for services you must meet income and residency guidelines.

You are also fortunate to have LECOM pharmacology volunteers that can help you sign up for prescription assistance programs and work with you to ensure the best possible outcome for your medication use.  To schedule an appointment with the medical clinic, please call the number above.

Dental Care

Over the weekend you develop a terrible toothache.  Your options for care are limited, since you have no dental insurance of any kind and you have limited income.  Where to turn?  Up until the opening of our One Stop Dental clinic in the fall of 2009, you probably would go to an emergency room – where you might receive a prescription for a pain medication or be directed to take aspirin and try to find someone to see you the next week.

Now you can see a dentist at the Bill Galvano One Stop Center for most of your dental care needs, if you meet eligibility guidelines of residency and income.  Our One Stop dental clinic began with volunteer dentists, hygienists, and assistants working 2-3 days a week to meet the critical need of access to dental care.

We continue to recruit dental professionals who are interested in giving back to our community by using their specific skills to treat people in need.  We have been fortunate in 2012 to win a grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Florida to employ two dentists in order to expand our dental services to 5 days a week for the year.

To make an appointment for dental care you will need to call the number above, and speak with the receptionist.  If you need general dentistry services and are calling for an exam, due to the high demand for dental services, you will probably find your name is put on a waiting list.  Although we do our best to reserve time for emergency walk in clients each day, this may not always be possible, so it is best to call and speak with the receptionist if you need to be seen.

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