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Rent & Utility Assistance


You or your partner have lost your job and now do not have enough income to pay rent and utilities and are facing eviction. Your car broke down, and you need it to get to work and to take your toddler to day care, so you are forced to fix the car and now are behind in all your other monthly bills. You are diagnosed with an acute condition that requires you to be off work for a couple months and you have no insurance of any kind.

These are just a few of the common scenarios that may confront you causing you to seek financial assistance from our Transitional Development Program. Depending on the availability of funding, this program assists households facing the prospect of eviction and also men, women, and children who are trying to get into stable housing from homelessness.

Turning Points - General Information


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Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm


To be eligible for financial assistance:

  • You have to document financial sustainability,
  • Verify you have been resident in Manatee County for at least one month, and
  • Your income must meet eligibility guidelines for the funding program that may assist you.

All requests for rental assistance must be made through the pre-screening application form on this page. Due to the overwhelming need for assistance and our limited resources, we can only open up the application process on Monday mornings at 9:00am. Once the applications are reviewed and the appointments are filled, the application process will be closed again, until the following Monday, to restart the process. If you need immediate assistance, please also call 2-1-1 to see if there is another agency that can help.

Second Step: Gather Your Documents

Take notes concerning what items and documents you were requested to bring with you to your appointment at Turning Points and start gathering them together. These items will be crucial for the Case Manager to try and determine if eligibility can be verified. Bring anything else you feel could be important.

Third Step: Meet with a Case Manager

When you meet with a Case Manager, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation and need, with a trained professional Case Manager. They will assess your situation and help you develop a basic budget to determine household sustainability. Based on your eligibility and ability to meet funding guidelines, you may qualify for financial assistance for rent, deposits, and/or utilities.

Fourth Step (if applicable): Receive Funding

If you meet with a Case Manager and funding is identified for you, Turning Points will draft the necessary legal documents and issue payments directly to your landlord and/or utility company.