PATH Meetings

PATH Meetings

Turning Points is the state recognized homeless coalition for Manatee County.

We provide leadership on issues related to homelessness, advocate for the homeless, and work to coordinate services in the community. Each month we sponsor and organize a meeting, on the third Thursday of every month, starting at 9am on Zoom, for all entities that provide any kind of service or have an interest in serving the homeless. This continuum of care, People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), is represented by individuals and agencies that work in law enforcement, mental health and substance abuse, employment services, social services, faith based organizations, medical services, business, and housing services.

Although there is a program dictated by the needs of the group and the issues currently impacting services in the community, there is always time in the meeting for sharing information and networking. If you would like to join this meeting, please email to get added to the email list.

Turning Points also produces an annual Community Resource booklet that catalogs the services of interest available in the Community. Copies of the booklet can be picked up at our center, and you can access it here – 2022 PATH Directory English, 2022 PATH Directory Spanish

Group of men and women at a PATH meeting


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Make a big impact in your community and join us in preventing and alleviating homelessness. We’d love to have you join us whether it is for just a few hours a week or more, or for a specific one-time initiative.

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his place is great for people who need help or are going through rough times, they can help with food stamps, clothing, showers, food (to take home for those who have a home, or a meal Mon-Fri), they have computers available to use, they also have housing assistance for those who qualify. There is also a lot more that they do, this place helped me so much when I had nowhere to go.
Justin Balser
Went to the One Stop Center and Turning Points today for a tour of the facility - was excellent and informative - if interested, make an appointment - takes about an hour and well worth the time to see all that is going on there - there were clients in all areas - the place was a beehive of activity - a wonderful facility for our community and one of the top in the country - highly recommend checking it out.
Sue Wait
Turning points is so awesome. Without them I would not have a wonderful home for my family and I.
Tammi Wallin
I volunteered at the Stand Down held in Palmetto on Nov. 1st. I was so impressed with the services available for the all those in need. There was a separate building just for veterans. I was in that building and saw how they helped the men and women with any paperwork. They serviced breakfast to all and had a bounce house for children. I give this organization an A+.
Sally Helmbrecht

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Donations from people like you ensure our organization is able to continue helping single mothers, the elderly, families, youth aging out of foster care, domestic violence victims, the disabled, and others attain housing and related services.