Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Primary Sources of Funds to Provide Services to Clients?

Government (Federal, State, County, City) Grants, Foundations, Trusts, other Non-Profit agencies, and fundraising activities. Based on our latest audit each of these categories provided the referenced percentage of funds.

What Is Your Fiscal Year and Are Your Financials Audited by a CPA Firm?

Our fiscal year ends on June 30th. Audited financial reports and 990 filings are available upon request.

Why Is There Homelessness In Manatee County, Florida?

Homelessness is a condition that affects not only Manatee County but the entire United States.

Major social policy changes in the 80′s reduced the amount of funding for housing programs to almost half, and now the lack of affordable housing is a major problem. Two major reasons we have today responsible for homelessness are poverty and a chronic shortage of suitable, affordable housing. There are many other causes of homelessness including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Unemployment, Underemployment, and a lack of job skills
  • Alcoholism, drug abuse, and mental illness
  • Family disintegration, including divorce, desertion and runaway youth
  • Lack of affordable health care and/or child day care
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Jail or prison release
  • Migration and immigration of persons to Florida without means of self-support

How Many People Do You Provide with Services Directly From Your Organization?

As of 2016, across all of our program areas, our organization helps approximately 2,500 persons per month. Most clients use a number of our services resulting in nearly 25,000 total services provided per month, or 250 per day. In addition, we regularly refer people to our many partner agencies when appropriate to truly serve as a go to place for those in need.

What Exactly Do You Do and How Can You Help Me?

If you are struggling financially, especially with a sustainable housing situation, we can likely help you or refer you to a partner agency that can. We provide our own services and work closely with a number of partners in the Manatee County area to serve people in your situation. Specifically, we provide services to qualifying households and individuals ranging from helping you obtain a state identification card or birth certificate, searching for and applying for jobs, food assistance (food stamps), to financial assistance with housing related costs and free medical and dental care. Please refer here ‘Get Help’ page for additional information. If you are unsure of whether we or one of our partners can help you please don’t hesitate to call us at 941-747-1509.

How Can I Stay Up to Date on Everything Your Organization is Doing to Address the Homelessness Issues Facing Manatee County?

You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive frequent emails about current events and follow us on Facebook. These channels are accessible from each of our webpages. You can also ‘watch’ us address homelessness with our collection of photos on Flickr and videos on YouTube.

I Want to Make a Financial Donation to Your Efforts and/or Volunteer. How Can I Do This?

If you would like to help us financially you can use our online form located here, call us with credit card information at 941-747-1509, mail us a check, or simply stop by our center. If you have items to donate, you can bring them to our donation center or we can pick them up from you. All donors receive a receipt for tax filing purposes given we are a Non-Profit Organization recognized under IRS section 501(c)(3).

Volunteer With Us

Make a big impact in your community and join us in preventing and alleviating homelessness. We’d love to have you join us whether it is for just a few hours a week or more, or for a specific one-time initiative.

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Your Donation Is Important

Donations from people like you ensure our organization is able to continue helping single mothers, the elderly, families, youth aging out of foster care, domestic violence victims, the disabled, and others attain housing and related services.