Rent & Utility Assistance

Transitional Development Program Information


701 17th Avenue West,
Bradenton, FL 34205

Telephone / Fax:

T: (941) 747-1509
F: (941) 567-6149

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm


To be eligible for financial assistance:

  • You have to document financial sustainability,
  • Verify you have been resident in Manatee County for at least one month, and
  • Your income must meet eligibility guidelines for the funding program that may assist you.

Family in an office

First Step: Fill out the Online Application Form located below.

*** This is a new application process. All applications must be submitted through this site to be considered for assistance. ***

Online Application Form

Second Step: Gather Your Documents

Turning Points computer Lab

Take notes concerning what items and documents you need to upload to the online application. You can upload them yourself or come to Turning Points to upload. These items will be crucial for the Case Manager to try and determine if eligibility can be verified. Once all documents are uploaded, a Case Manager will contact you for an appointment. Bring anything else you feel could be important to the appointment.

Third Step: Meet with a Case Manager

When you meet with a Case Manager, you will have the opportunity to discuss your situation and need, with a trained professional Case Manager. They will assess your situation and help you develop a basic budget to determine household sustainability. Based on your eligibility and ability to meet funding guidelines, you may qualify for financial assistance for rent, and/or utilities.

Man in suit sitting at a desk

Fourth Step (if applicable): Receive Funding

Man in a wheel chair receiving a document from a Turning Points employee

If you meet with a Case Manager and funding is identified for you, Turning Points will draft the necessary legal documents and issue payments directly to your landlord and/or utility company.


his place is great for people who need help or are going through rough times, they can help with food stamps, clothing, showers, food (to take home for those who have a home, or a meal Mon-Fri), they have computers available to use, they also have housing assistance for those who qualify. There is also a lot more that they do, this place helped me so much when I had nowhere to go.
Justin Balser
Went to the One Stop Center and Turning Points today for a tour of the facility - was excellent and informative - if interested, make an appointment - takes about an hour and well worth the time to see all that is going on there - there were clients in all areas - the place was a beehive of activity - a wonderful facility for our community and one of the top in the country - highly recommend checking it out.
Sue Wait
Turning points is so awesome. Without them I would not have a wonderful home for my family and I.
Tammi Wallin
I volunteered at the Stand Down held in Palmetto on Nov. 1st. I was so impressed with the services available for the all those in need. There was a separate building just for veterans. I was in that building and saw how they helped the men and women with any paperwork. They serviced breakfast to all and had a bounce house for children. I give this organization an A+.
Sally Helmbrecht