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Mission Spotlight - Dental Clinic

Woman outside by turning points doorLook at this MILLION $$ smile! Kim just received her new partial dentures and she “can’t believe that this is happening”!! 

Kim starting suffering from periodontal disease about 2 years ago and her teeth started to fall out, one by one. She initially went to a dentist for help and it was estimated to cost $6,000 to correct her teeth. She was devastated as she could not afford that. She is a housekeeper and became so nervous when meeting new clients. She didn’t want to be judged by her teeth so she tried not to laugh or smile. She was even asked to sing in her church’s choir and she had to turn it down! There was no way she was getting in front of everyone to sing without teeth!

A friend told her about Turning Points and she was very patient and waited several months for an appt. Dr Barry and his assistant, Gloria, compassionately treated her and molded and fitted her with dentures.

So today, Kim can LAUGH, SMILE and SING in front of EVERYONE! Her housekeeping business will flourish because she will not be afraid or nervous when meeting new clients. She can now join the church choir! She can now enjoy and live a normal life 

Mission Spotlight - Dental Clinic

Man outside by Turning Points doorMission Spotlight – Dental Clinic

Wayne has a BIG smile because he is cancer FREE and just got a fantastic set of dentures from the Turning Points One Stop Center Dental Clinic!

Wayne was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his jaw a few months back. He needed to get radiation to eradicate the cancer. However, radiation in your jaw totally destroys your teeth and can cause infections. So all of Wayne’s teeth needed to be extracted before he could receive radiation. Wayne could not afford to get all of his teeth extracted and then get dentures when healed. He didn’t know what to do.

Wayne came to Turning Points and Dr Little was happy to inform him that we can help! Dr Little extracted all of his teeth so that Wayne can receive the radiation. Wayne went through months of radiation to eradicate the cancer. When he was finished with the radiation, Wayne came back to get fitted for dentures. And today, he received his new set of dentures!!

Stories like Wayne’s fill our hearts and we are so happy that Wayne is cancer free and he can enjoy life again with his family and with his new dentures!


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