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The Rotary Club of Longboat Key Donates $18,000 to the Turning Points Yellow Ribbon Veterans Program

Updated on December 22nd, 2020 Written by Turning Points

BRADENTON – COVID-19 may have changed the way the Rotary Club of Longboat Key honored veterans this year, but it didn’t stop them. Through various fundraisers and getting through a hurricane, they raised over $30,000 to three veterans organizations and donated $18,000 of that to the Turning Points Yellow Ribbon Veterans Program.

The Rotary Club of Longboat Key President, Brad Marner, and other members of the Rotary visited and toured Turning Points and met with Executive Director Kathleen Cramer and Edwin Robinson, the Yellow Ribbon Program Manager and presented Turning Points with this amazing gift.

“We are strong supporters of our community and our veterans, and that is why we feel that $18,000 was the appropriate amount for Turning Points and our community to help our veterans,” said Mr. Marner in explaining the gift.

“Here at Turning Points, we believe in leaving no veteran behind. That includes our homeless veterans and those who are vulnerable and at risk of homelessness. This check allows us to continue to serve our veteran population and we are very thankful in this gift from the Rotary Club of Longboat Key,” says Mrs. Cramer in receiving this gift.                                                             

    Turning Points assisted over 100 veterans and their families sustain safe and stable housing or brought veterans out of homelessness in this past year.